About us
Introducing ourselves:

Literana de Forrajes is a family-owned business, founded in 1996, continuing with the previous generation’s journey begun in the 1970, whose goal is to put into practice it’s experience and its passion for a job well done.

CBy using modern machinery and the latest technology at our plant in Tamarite de Litera, we make sure that we optimize our production process.

We are committed to protecting the environment, for that reason we develop our industrial activities on an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

What we do

We are engaged in fodder processing and its posterior commercialization. We produce alfalfa bales, in 3 different sizes and we have a large production capacity.

Once received from our suppliers, we carry out our sample tests and classify the raw materials according to the quality international specifications.

After getting it classified, alfalfa is dehydrated in computer-controlled drying drums. For the correct functioning of this process, the minimum temperature is 250º. This temperature remains stored thanks to a temperature recorder installed in the production line.

Once the manufacture process is completed, after the internal period of preventive control, the bales are stored in lots according to their characteristics.


Our experience

Throughout our long track we have achieved a great experience in the management, field work and transformation of the alfalfa.

Our accumulated know-how in this field applied to the production process along with continuous improvement of our facilities, enables us to ensure that our products are top-quality and therefore we comply with our customer’s needs and demands.

All our products fulfill with European and international regulation due to a careful handling of our raw materials and strict compliance of environmental and food safety regulations.


We are fully aware of the continuing changes in the economic context, that is why we are permanently adapting to new challenges and requirements of a constantly growing and changing market.